The Bible in a Nutshell – Top Questions & Answers


To a world hopelessly searching for truth, Christianity reveals the answers to every question – in the Word of God. For people desperate in their circumstance, our faith offers the solution to every problem – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yet sadly, many do not know what the Bible says,  nor how to apply the teachings of Jesus.  The Bible in a Nutshell: Top Questions & Answers was compiled for this very reason. In this volume we explore theology, apologetics and teaching.

Summarised, explained, and beautifully illustrated, this collector’s item will equip you with the knowledge and understanding you need to deepen your faith in God.


The book is comprised of three sections with articles pertaining to Theology, Teaching and Apologetics and answers popular (tough!) questions such as “How can a loving God send someone to Hell”, “Does God cause natural disasters”, “What did Jesus look like”, “What does the Bible teach about aliens and life on other planets”, “Aren’t all religions the same”, etc.

Our hope is that this essential handbook will find its place as a treasured resource in your home and be used to strengthen your faith and promote the Good News to a lost world.



128 pages, full colour, gloss paper

Finished Size: 276 mm x 210 mm Portrait

Author: Various (book comprises of a series of articles written by several authors published in JOY! Magazine in previous issues)

Published by: JOY! Magazine